Solid And Reliable Beef Cattle
For Sale In The Midwest

English Beef breeds
 with Angus,
 Charolais or Hereford influences

Central Livestock Services, LLC

Cattle For Sale In The Midwest

We offer solid and reliable bred cows for the beef sector. Our cattle are English Beef breeds with Angus, Charolais or Hereford influences. When doing business with us you can be assured you are getting healthy, productive and efficient cows that will add value to your herd. Central Livestock Services focuses on cattle from ages 3-6 years, but on occasion we may offer groups of ‘Short-Solid Mouth’ Cows for our customers that prefer this age group at a good price. Likewise, from time-to-time, we are proud to offer ‘Pairs’ for buyers that do not want to experience the calving process.
CLS offers groups of all-black cows, groups of all-red cows or white-face and charloais influenced herds as well. We generally have cattle in various price ranges to fit every budget or requirement.
Regardless if you are needing only 12 head or a ‘pot load’, give us a try. We will strive to earn your trust, confidence and provide you with a pleasant purchasing experience. Our goal is to be your Beef Cattle supplier for the next many years. There will be no misrepresentation of failed promises, we stake our reputation on it.

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